About Us

Imberman and DeForest, Inc. helps you maximize your company’s performance.

We do this by designing an effective motivational system that includes improved communications systems and incentive plans for managers, supervisors, and employees. We frame the communications and incentive programs to meet your company’s strategic goals by fostering the environment needed for improved productivity, lowered costs of quality, and reduced per-unit costs.

One key specialty is Gainsharing Programs. An Imberman and DeForest Gainsharing plan is a group pay-for-performance program designed for individual clients like you. The plan is engineered to meet the specific cost structure, competitive stance, and long-term business strategy of each client. No one-size-fits-all plan works.

A second key specialty is improving employee relations and morale for client companies. We help them create and maintain a climate of positive employee relations in both union and non-union settings alike.

We frame our efforts to meet each client’s strategic goals by emphasizing the need for increased overall efficiency, better productivity, reduced costs of quality, and the improved competitiveness needed in today’s global markets.