Additional Services

In addition to Gainsharing, Imberman and DeForest, Inc. has provided specialized services for decades. All are available for our clients in both English and Spanish.

Union Related Issues:

  • We have helped non-union companies that need better labor/management relations to maintain their non-union status.
  • We have served unionized companies that need better labor/management relations to avoid strikes and high grievance levels.
  • We have assisted companies that need effective substitutes for guaranteed seniority based increases in their union contracts by designing pay-for-performance programs based on measurable improvements in employee productivity.

Turnaround Management:

  • We work with troubled companies in turnaround modes that need wage concessions from their union and non-union employees, and guidance on how to make such concessions more acceptable.
  • We teach and train surviving managers how to deal effectively with their additional responsibilities.

Lean Manufacturing:

  • We specialize in helping companies maximize productivity and eliminate waste by implementing lean manufacturing systems.

Training and Development:

  • We train first-line supervisors to become more efficient in their dealings with employees and their weekly activities.
  • We develop and implement managerial programs to make mid-managers more effective in advancing long-term corporate goals.


  • We have extensive experience in engaging highly diverse workforces. Our knowledge of the Latino cultures and our bilingual abilities allow us to improve employee cooperation and communication in your company.

Imberman & DeForest, Inc. frames our overall approach to client issues by convincing employees of the fact that the Era of Employee Entitlement is finished. To succeed in the new environment of global competition, a company and its workforce must adapt to preserve job security and company success. That is the mission of Imberman & DeForest, Inc.