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“Stepping Up Your Game Through Productivity Improvement”

Area Development Magazine, March, 2014

Discusses productivity record of different U.S. industries and the four steps companies can take to improve their individual record.

“Reshoring Western Industry”

Industrial Management Journal, September/October 2013

Examines causes of global economic trends, and how American manufacturers can benefit from them.

“Trends in ‘Engaging’ Employees to Boost Productivity”

Area Development Magazine Online, November, 2012

Discusses the results of three nationwide surveys taken over the past decade showing the most effective motivational tools used by manufacturing executives to boost their employees’ performance in order to compete more effectively.

“The Steps Suppliers Are Taking to Prepare for a Leaner Tomorrow”

Area Development Magazine Online, August, 2012

Reviews the steps manufacturing executives are making to reduce costs and improve employee productivity in order to become more competitive in today’s weak markets.

Who Strikes… and Why?

Harvard Business Review.
Discusses the underlying causes of labor strikes and the techniques companies use to avoid them.

“Employers Beware: A New Push for Unionization”

Area Development, March, 2011.
Reviews National Labor Relations Board efforts to speed representation elections, and suggest steps smaller businesses in all industries should take to prepare themselves for renewed union organizing efforts.

“How to Train Across Cultures”

Industrial Management, November/December, 2010.
Analyzes Hispanic cultural traditions, their effects on supervisory behavior, and how training of first line supervisors can make them more effective in running their departments.

A Costly Disconnect

Modern Metals Online, July, 2011.
Examines how the National Labor Relations Board is making renewed efforts to speed representation elections and the steps stamping companies and metal formers of all types should take to prepare for aggressive union organizing efforts.

Gainsharing: Tying Pay to Performance

InterBusiness Issues Magazine, July, 2008

“All You Ever Wanted To Know About Gainsharing, but Were Afraid To Ask”

Target Magazine, Assn. for Manufacturing Excellence, May/June, 1993.
Gives an overall review of Gainsharing in a question and answer format.

Making Gainsharing Work

OEM Off Highway Magazine, January, 1995
Analyzes the continuing communications requirements needed to make Gainsharing a continuing success.

Is Gainsharing the Wave of the Future?

Management Accounting Journal, November, 1995
Discusses U.S. Government’s General Accounting Office findings and statistics about the effectiveness of Gainsharing in motivating employees to improve their productivity.

Gainsharing: Lemon or Lemonade?

Business Horizons, Indiana University School of Business, Jan/Feb, 1996
Provides a general review of Gainsharing, with examples of how Gainsharing improves employee productivity.

Are You Ready for Gainsharing?

Tube and Pipe Journal, June, 1998
Discusses company culture needed for successful Gainsharing plan for tube and pipe fabricators.

How Growth of Outsourcing Will Affect Suppliers

1999 Handbook of Business Suppliers, January, 1999
Discusses the effects of growing outsourcing efforts on suppliers, and the increasing demands placed on them by suppliers.

“The American Quest for Quality”

Business Horizons, Indiana University School of Business, September/October, 1999.
Reviews American industry’s long term efforts to improve product quality, and the place of employee incentives in these efforts.

Swift Response to Economic Slowdown

Area Development Magazine, December, 2000
Reviews different approaches taken by management to reduce costs in a recession and their affect on employee morale and productivity.

How To Use Recognition To Motivate Employees

Wire Rope News, December, 2001
Discussion of recognition systems in manufacturing operations and their relative effectiveness.

Where Do You Stand?

Area Development Magazine, December, 2002
Compares profitability in 15 different industries.

How To Handle Chinese Competition

Distributors’ Link, Summer, 2003
Analyzes cost cutting techniques needed to combat import competition.

Communication Counts

Area Development Magazine, June, 2003
Discusses effectiveness of employee communication systems.

The Ups and Downs of Employee Communications

Tube and Pipe Journal, June, 2004
Appraises effects of good internal communications on employee productivity.

Improving Profitability: Survey Report

Target Magazine, Assn. for Manufacturing Excellence, January, 2007
Surveys methods used by different manufacturers to improve productivity – what works, what does not.

Benefits of Gainsharing

Tooling and Production Magazine, August, 2008
Discusses how metal fabricators and machine shops can boost employee productivity through Gainsharing Programs.

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