Gainsharing Savings Calculator

The bottom line on your decision to Go Gainsharing is how much you can boost your bottom line profits by improving your employees’ productivity.

Clicking on the drop down icon takes you to your Gainsharing Savings Calculator.

The table gives you to get a quick look telling you how much you can save. It is based different levels of productivity improvement, various per-hour employment costs, and the assumption that about 65% of a typical manufacturer’s total operating expenses are employment costs.

Below the table is your personal Gainsharing Savings Calculator. By entering your company’s numbers into it, it automatically calculates your own bottom line savings if you had Imberman and DeForest Gainsharing Plan engineered for your specific cost structure, competitive strategy, and management objectives.

Download the Imberman-Deforest gainsharing calculator by clicking the link below and choosing Save (Microsoft Excel required):
Gainsharing Calculator