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The Vice President of a Midwestern screw machine shop asked Imberman and Deforest, Inc. to visit with him after he had read one of our articles dealing with how to motivate employees to boost productivity. He was unionized, and had good relations with his union.This manufacturer of screw machine products faced productivity and throughput problems. He specialized in making alloy fittings for hydraulic hoses used in heavy construction and small brass fittings needed for rubber garden hoses used by consumers. Since pricing was critical for both types of goods, productivity was also critical. However, set-up time on the chuckers was excessive. Since industrial clients also considered delivery reliability a top priority, this producer needed a way to boost production without jeopardizing good relations with his employees’ representatives.

We developed a joint labor/management committee to help devise the plan. Since the union leaders were also leaders out in the plant, their support was extremely helpful in persuading hourly workers to give the new plan a fair chance.

The chart shows the results of the plan.

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